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Directions:  Choose the best way to express the part in the bracket. (A is the same as the one in the bracket)

■ Gsc3-2 ■ 230329wed

Most victims of infectious mononucleosis recover after a few weeks of listlessness, [but an unlucky few may suffer] for years.

(A) but an unlucky few may suffer

(B) and an unlucky few have suffered

(C) that an unlucky few might suffer

(D) that a few being unlucky may suffer

(E) but a few who, being unlucky, suffered

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★ Power QUOTES ★英語コミュニケーションは、ウィットが大切

” You don’t chase dreams, you live them .”  007 21 Die Another Day 230329wed

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★ Power IDIOMS ★TOEFL IELTS ★TOEIC 英検にもお役立ち!

●1013● She told me to go right [ a@@@ ].  ( immediately ) 230329wed

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★ Power VOCA ★ GMAT GRE SATボキャブラリ ★

Directions:  Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

T1S4-6  The theory of cosmic evolution states that the universe, having begun in a state of simplicity and [….. ], has [….. ] into great variety.

[A] equilibrium .. modulated

[B] homogeneity .. differentiated

[C] contrast .. metamorphosed

[D] proportion .. accelerated

[E] intelligibility .. developed


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