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★ GMAT・sentence correction ★エレガントな英語表現の登竜門

Directions:  Choose the best way to express the part in the bracket. (A is the same as the one in the bracket)

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Several senior officials spoke to the press on condition [that they not be named] in the story.

(A) that they not be named

(B) that their names will not be used

(C) that their names are not used

(D) of not being named

(E) they will not be named

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★ Power QUOTES ★高品位英語社交の基本★

” You see, if I hadn’t failed, I never would have figured out how to succeed .”  Once Upon A Time  230510wed

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 ★ Power VOCA ★ GMAT GRE SAT ★

Directions:  Choose the word or phrase most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the original word.



[A] unity 

[B] rarity 

[C] gradualness 

[D] persistency 

[E] moderation


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