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★ GMAT・sentence correction ★エレガントな英語表現の登竜門

Directions:  Choose the best way to express the part in the bracket. (A is the same as the one in the bracket)

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 City planners in Detroit hope that the renewal project extending along the eastern riverfront will establish a population [that lives and works downtown and also provides] the office space needed to attract new businesses.

(A) that lives and works downtown and also provides

(B) to live and work downtown and also provide

(C) that lives as well as works downtown and also provide

(D) which lives as well as works downtown and also provides

(E) who live as well as work downtown and also provides

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★ Power QUOTES ★高品位英語社交の基本★

“Well that’s the thing with dark and light. Depends on your point of view.”  Once Upon A Time 230705wed

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●1042● I recommend you to set about your business without [ d@@@@ ].  ( immediately ) 230705wed

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Directions:  Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

T02S01-7  His imperturbability in the face of evidence indicating his deliberate fraud failed to reassure supporters of his essential […..]; instead, it suggested a talent for  [….. ] that they had never suspected.

[A] culpability .. intrigue

[B] wisdom .. reproof

[C] remorse .. loquacity

*[D] probity .. guile

[E] combativeness .. Compromise


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