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Directions:  Choose the best way to express the part in the bracket. (A is the same as the one in the bracket)

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Few baskets made by Southern California Indians would have survived to the present [had it not been for] enthusiastic collectors at the turn of the century.

(A) had it not been for

(B) unless there had been

(C) without the fact that there were

(D) were it not due to

(E) except that there were

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★ Power QUOTES ★高品位英語社交の基本★

” There’s nothing in this whole wold that we can’t fix if we work together .”  Chuck 230830wed

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Directions:  Choose the word or phrase most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the original word.


[A] ingestion of a nutrient 

[B] loss of the security on a loan

[C] discernment of subtle differences 

*[D] reduction in substance caused by erosion

[E] sudden repulsion from an entity


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