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Directions:  Choose the best way to express the part in the bracket. (A is the same as the one in the bracket)

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Income tax indexing is intended to eliminate the [constant tax increase that results as inflation pushes individuals] into higher tax brackets.

(A) constant tax increase that results as inflation pushes individuals

(B) constant tax increase as a result of individuals being pushed by inflation

(C) constant tax increase because inflation pushes individuals

(D) constantly increasing taxes that result because of inflation pushing individuals

(E) constantly increasing taxes because individuals are pushed by inflation

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★ Power QUOTES ★高品位英語社交の基本★

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Directions:  Choose the word or phrase most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the original word.

T02S01-38  QUOTIDIAN :

*[A] extraordinary 

[B] certain

[C] wishful 

[D] secret 

[E] premature


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